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OK, here we go .... a brief history of Radio Spies.  Radio Spies was formed in January 2019. 


So that's it.  WHAT!  Well, not really.  Let me explain.

Paul, Vince and Joe are Radio Spies.  Their love of music goes all the way back to the 60's and 70's when the Beatles invasion occurred and later Led Zeppelin took blues and rock in a new direction.  Back then, we spied the radio for new songs and groups every day.  Every new entry on the pop chart was so exciting to hear and share.  For us, we lived for music.


In the early 70's Paul and Joe played in a band called Horizon and this band become one of the best known party and function bands on the North Shore.  Other musical projects then brought Vince and Joe together in the early 80's with bands Gabriel, The Difference and Sterling Silver.  

To prove this all happened, here are some pictures of Paul about the time Horizon was born:







And, here are some pictures of Vince about the time Sterling Silver was born:





Not to be left out, here are some pictures of Joe, back in the day:


Fast forward past the year 2000 and Vince, Paul and Joe, along with other musicians, formed the band Point of VU.  Point of VU played many clubs and private parties right through the end of 2018, when the group disbanded.


So Paul, Vince and Joe have been playing music for a long time and always with different bands and other people.  As music goes, they have been down the road together:










But never, never before have these three musicians and friends ever decided to play in the same band as a trio, until now.  As life progressed along, this became the logical next step.  So, Radio Spies has been born and here we are today.  Come dance with us!

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